GO Veg&Fruit, the new watermelon brand from Agrupalmería and Femago groups

Tue 21/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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Agrupalmería, a group specialising in the auction and sale of tomatoes from Almería, is renowned for the quality of its RAF, smooth, loose, pear and vine tomato varieties. In recent years the group has also been trading quality products including melon, watermelon, pepper, cucumber, aubergine, courgette and beans. Today, along with the rest of the Femago group of which it is part, it is launching the GO Veg&Fruit brand, a line including striped, black and white watermelons as well as Christmas melons. The group expects to market 15 million kg under this new brand, 75% more than last season. To achieve this, it recently opened new facilities and extended the production schedule until September.

“We are very careful about what the customers want, and we always link our clients’ needs with our farmers’ lines, as each one requires a certain type of product and a differentiated service,” said Agrupalmería commercial director Leopoldo Sánchez.

The Femago Group currently trades in Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Portugal, the UK, France, the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula, and is committed to increasing its exports by 20% this season.

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