Global Woman Fresh Project: connecting, inspiring and empowering women in the fresh produce business

Every waking moment, individual lives and entire industries are impacted by the hard work and mere presence of women. Yet, in many places and in many sectors, women's contributions are still being undervalued to this day - but not at Global Women Fresh, nor in the leading businesses that have partnered with it to change the status quo for women in the industry.
Fri 24/06/2022 by Natalia Bammatova
Allison Kopf is the Founder and CEO of Artemis.
Julie Escobar, co-founder and president of Global Woman Fresh

Global Women Fresh (GWF) brings together Women in Produce to close the gender divide in our industry. Launched in 2019 by a few businesswomen seeking to change the situation and empower women in the food industry, the project has since grown significantly, and now has over 1,200 members. GWF does not set any limits on participation, but rather appeals to men, viewing them as an important part of the solution. To achieve its mission, GWF must have inclusive conversations and inclusive support, and all the male leaders of the industry are welcome to add their efforts and be part of the change.

GWF to hold 2nd annual international awards

GWF has announced that the second annual Woman of Impact and EmpowerHER Company Awards will be presented at Fruit Logistica Berlin. The GWF Awards are designed to elevate women and companies who lead by example in championing gender equity in fresh produce. The aim is to support the UN’s goal of a sustainable future, workplace integrity, and a more just and prosperous world.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for the honour of winning the Woman of Impact Award,” said 2021 winner Allison Kopf. Kopf is the Founder and CEO of Artemis, the market-leading cultivation management platform serving the fruit, vegetable, floriculture, cannabis, and hemp industries. As a sought-after speaker, Kopf encourages women to get on panels, apply to be keynote speakers, and reach out to conferences and events. “Help push for a change so we can see more diverse leaders speaking. This is the reason why events like this and organisations like Global Women Fresh are so, so important right now,” said Kopf.

Today, women account for 80% of purchasing decisions but only 20% of the voices guiding decisions in the boardroom.

Last year’s EmpowerHER Company Award went to Danper, the Peruvian agribusiness company that supplies natural and nutritious fruits and vegetables, super grains and ready-to-eat meals, all produced with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability. According to CEO and founder Rosario Bazán, its business model is based on the generation of shared values: “For us, the creation of shared value implies that we generate efficiency and economic growth while creating social progress for our workers, their families and communities.”

Be part of a global network

“Today, women account for 80% of purchasing decisions, but only 20% of the voices guiding decisions in the boardroom. What’s more, by 2030, we will need the equivalent of two planets to feed a growing population of 10 billion – half of them female. Our industry is called upon to feed the world more humanely, sustainably and efficiently – and more female leadership is a critical part of the answer,” said Julie Escobar, project founder and president of GWF.

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