Global orange production up 9% in 2018/19

Mon 04/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Global orange production up 9% in 2018/19

The world’s orange output for 2018/19 is expected to rise 9% to 51.8 million tons, thanks to favourable weather conditions in Brazil and the US. According to USDA data, fresh orange exports are predicted to be up 4% to 5.1 million tons. Brazil’s crop is projected up 13% to 17.8 million tons, of which 12.8 million tons is for processing (+22%). China’s output is expected to fall slightly to 7.2 million, due to unfavourable weather in Jiangxi province.  South Africa and Egypt are the top two suppliers to China, accounting for 60% of the country’s imports. After a weather-struck 2017/18, US production is forecast to bounce back in 2018/19, with a 41% increase to 5.0 million tons. EU orange production is expected to be up 4% to 6.5 million tons due to favourable conditions in Spain and Portugal during flowering and fruit set. Imports are flat, while oranges for processing and fresh consumption are both up. Egypt should set a new record of 3.4 million tons, up 10%, thanks to a larger production area and extended season. Egypt’s exports will account for around 30% of total global trade, with shipments up 60,000 tons to a record 1.6 million.  Top destinations are the EU, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. South Africa’s production is expected to rise 5% to 1.6 million tons due to favourable weather and expanded area. South Africa’s exports account for around 25% of global orange trade and are projected to hit a record 1.3 million tons. The EU is the top export market, followed by China and Russia. Elsewhere, Mexico’s production is projected up 100,000 tons to 4.6 million, while Morocco’s crop is forecast to be up 18% to a record 1.2 million tons.





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