Global fresh produce coalition to combat spiralling costs

Tue 08/02/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Fresh produce associations across the world are to form a global coalition to cope with the increase in production costs. The entities due to sign up include Afruibana (West Africa), China Chamber of China of I/E of Foods Stuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (China), Coleacp (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), Cup and Cogeca (European Union), Canadian produces Marketing Association – CPMA (Canada), International Fresh produces Association – IFPA (USA), Freshfel Europe (European Union) and the Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters of the Southern Hemisphere – Shaffe ( Latin America, Oceania, and South Africa).

This global coalition, proactively, will present the concerns of the global industry regarding increased interruptions in the supply chain and will propose common solutions. The group has identified a series of key challenges that are currently facing all fruit and vegetable operators around the world. Concerns include higher logistics costs, inputs, fertilisers, packaging materials and energy, as well as delays in the supply chain and a general shortage of workers’ availability. In addition, all these aspects, complications derived from the continuous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are added in the supply chains.

This is how the coalition will collaborate to raise its concerns publicly and work to establish multilateral dialogues with the main policy makers and the supply chain, including maritime transport and the retail sector. The group will also look for consciousness among consumers on this topic, while promoting the importance and value of fresh products given their contribution to public health and a plant-based diet.

Through the combined efforts of these key international business entities, the coalition expects fruits and vegetables to be recognised as an essential public good, supporting those initiatives that promote a sustainable, affordable and economically viable fresh products sector.


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