German farmers expand organic production to serve growing demand

Thu 29/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
113MARKET germany BADEN _strawberries_harvest in Baden

German consumers have an insatiable demand for organic food, as borne out by the 6% increase in household income spent on organics in 2017. Production needs to adjust to this rising demand, which has seen consumer spending on organics exceed €10 billion. The strongest sales drivers are dairy, meat and dry organics. However, after years of little growth, Germany’s organic farming area started to grow once more in 2016, with an increase of nearly 15%. In total, 27,132 farms cultivate an eco-area of ​​1,251,320 ha, meaning that 7.5% of the country’s land is managed according to organic directives. The largest increases in organic agriculture in 2016 were recorded in Bavaria, accounting for over a third of the total area converted.


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