Fyffes, looking for sustainable solutions

Tue 04/10/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Fyffes is one of the world’s largest and oldest importers and exporters of tropical produce.

Fyffes, a 130-year-old company, is a producer and marketer of bananas, pineapples, avocados and other exotics. Over 15 years ago, Fyffes started selling Fairtrade bananas to the UK. Nowadays, it supplies Europe with a significant volume of organic and Fairtrade fruit and is one of the world’s main Fairtrade banana distributers. Fyffes recently launched the slogan ‘Consumer at heart’ to highlight the firm’s continuous investment in consumer research and efforts to improve its communication. “We have a new vision, which is shaping well-being for the world. Working as a team in all parts of the supply chain is one of our core values,” said Michaela Schnneider, business and development manager at Fyffes. One of Fyffes’ main goals is to have sustainable packaging and to find alternatives that can guarantee quality, a key topic considering the growing public sensitivity to packaging solutions such as monoplastics.

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