Frutinter focuses on sustainable solutions

Tue 24/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Frutinter focuses on sustainable solutions

Maximum sustainability throughout its processes: this is the challenge that citrus specialist Frutinter has accepted. Working in partnership with the University of Valencia, the company has designed smart technology to provide its plants with exactly what they need in every moment of their development. Speaking at the firm’s stand at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, marketing manager, Vicente Mingarro, said,

“We have developed a project to ensure we have the smallest carbon footprint possible. We have invested in precision agriculture to use the minimum quantity of water and we are using insects to replace chemical pesticides. We’re treating the residual water to ensure it doesn’t contaminate the land.”

The firm is also focused on improving sustainability throughout the supply chain.

“We are using more natural and recyclable packaging such as netting to replace plastics. Solar panels have been installed to power our warehouses, which are designed to have natural lighting. We have a separate warehouse section for fruits which have undergone no chemical treatment. For transportation, we have changed our fleet from diesel-powered to gas-powered trucks,” said Mingarro.

Around 75% of Frutinter’s offer is sold in Spain, with the majority of the rest sent to the EU. Shipments have also recently begun to Canada and Brazil, with sights now set firmly on Asia, too. Besides citrus, Frutinter produces melon, watermelon, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce and tropical fruits. The firm’s annual volumes total 130,000 tons of citrus, 15,000 tons of melon and watermelon, and 15,000 tons of other fruit and vegetables.

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