Frutic Symposium being held in association with Fruit Logistica

Tue 06/09/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
The Frutic Symposium on 7 February 2017 will be held in association with the Fruit Logistica for the very first time. The international scientific gathering will provide the fresh produce sector with plenty of enriching innovations.

The Frutic Symposium on February 7 next year will be the first international scientific gathering to be held in association with Fruit Logistica, the trade fair for the international fresh produce industry.

It is designed to help enrich the fresh produce sector by sharing information about useful innovation and technology throughout the supply chain.

The 10th International Frutic Symposium, focusing on the quality and safety of fresh horticultural commodities, will be a platform for intense in-depth dialogue between agricultural and horticultural scientists, representatives from advisory bodies, logisticians and IT engineers, mechanical and systems engineering companies as well as experts from the fresh produce industry.

Being held the day before the February 8 opening of Fruit Logistica, Frutic Symposium will see delegates exchange information and ideas at the CityCube Berlin and develop strategies for reaching their common goal: ensuring fresh produce is of the highest possible quality across the supply chain.

Topics to be addressed include technological developments in production, harvesting and post-harvest processing as well as in sales and quality controls for fruit, vegetables and nuts.

The symposium is being organised jointly by the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim, Germany and the University of Foggia, Italy in cooperation with Fruit Logistica.

Frutic is a series of international scientific gatherings, the first of which took place in Israel in 1983. Over the years, it has developed into an important platform for the development and application of technologies for fruit, vegetable and nut production, bringing together leading researchers from around the globe. Its new venue will also now attract representatives from the industry.

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