Fruits de Ponent, from a “land of inspiration”

Fri 26/08/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Santi Bonet, director of communications and business expansion

After a challenging campaign due to weather issues and early frosts, the Catalan cooperative was present at Fruit Logistica to present its quality fresh stone fruit and a slogan to promote the fruit’s origin. “We are from the Alcarrás area, just like the film by Carla Simón that won the Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival. This year, we will put a sticker on all our products as a tribute to everything that has gone into the fruit and to the families of the farmers who are suffering adversity,” said Santi Bonet, director of communications at Fruits de Ponent. All Fruits de Ponent boxes of fruit distributed to numerous countries around the world this summer will bear the inspiring motto: ‘From Alcarrás, Land of Inspiration’.

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