Fruitobox: more than a fruit and vegetable fair

Wed 06/10/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Fruit and vegetable producers, marketers, auxiliary industry, logistics, and transport sectors have at their disposal a privileged place to weave a network of contacts that help them improve their business and boost their profits. A professional and online fruit and vegetable fair that is active throughout the year, where they can create a community of trust.

Enrique Gomez, CEO of Fruitobox, stated:

“We at Fruitobox have built an online fair where users can create business relationships just as they would in person using a virtual stand that allows them to update their image, their products, and services based on the time and their needs.”

It is a safe environment in which to create a virtual stand to show the products and services of each company with the advantage of being able to update the information according to the needs of the moment. It is an active and changing environment that offers access to more than 5,000 companies with up-to-date information on their products and services. The integrated search engine offers information on customers, suppliers, transport, auxiliary material, raw materials, and logistics management organized in different categories which makes it easier and faster to find information. The fair’s internal chat also allows all Fruitobox partners to have more agile and close communication controlling time and information more easily.

An active fair that improves results

The basis of our work is connectivity, professionalism, and trust. Our partners have invitations they can send to professionals who are interested in knowing their virtual stand. By publishing updates, the target audience within the community is informed of the latest prices, services, needs, or promotions. A single message, a single gesture can give a company greater visibility, which can be decisive for a company in a constantly changing sector, such as the fruit and vegetable sector.

Producers, traders, auxiliary industry, and logistics operators can find customers and suppliers quickly and easily, contrast purchase and sale prices of the products or services they need, contact other users directly, and close buy-sell operations without any commission.

This online fair, which can be tested for free for 7 days, offers its customers reliable information, updated products and services, agile communication, and a safe professional environment in which to develop businesses in all areas related to the fruit and vegetable sector 365 days a year.

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