Fruit Masters, new varieties and new solutions

Sat 28/05/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Tim Kievits, brand and content manager from Fruit Masters

Morgana, named after the mysterious mirage, is a mildly sweet and very juicy apple. But it is just one of several new varieties this year, with the firm also presenting the Tessa apple and Migo pear. These new “sweet selection” varieties offer great flavour and were displayed at Fruit Logistica.

“This year, at Fruit Logistica in April, we were proud to present our berries from the Netherlands,” said Tim Kievits, brand and content manager from Fruit Masters.

The company’s variety of blackberry, Sweet Briana, is very sweet and firm and has a long shelf life. Fruit Masters also presented sweet varieties of strawberries. Meanwhile, the Dutch company has unveiled new packaging solutions in the form of recycled coastal plastic packaging, which is made of plastic collected 10km off the coast of Greece.

This allows us to prevent plastic from going into the ocean,” said Kievits.

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