Fruit Attraction to reward innovation and entrepreneurship 

Mon 03/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Fruit Attraction, held from October 4 to 6, will once again host the Innovation Hub Awards to recognise companies’ R&D&i efforts. Fifteen of the forty-six products presented have been chosen as finalists, and they must argue their cases before the Innovation Hub Awards jury on Thursday, October 6, starting at 12:30 p.m. in the Innova 3 Forum (Hall 3, stand 3B09) of the fair. Winners will receive €2,000 each.

Details of the 46 products and services presented will be presented in the Fruit Attraction Innovation Hub space, located between Halls 8-10, as well as on the fair’s website.

The finalists in the Fresh Produce category are:

1.-RubisGold, from the company Earth Market Iberica -stand 9H01C-, a new variety of yellow apple, aromatic, as well as crunchy and juicy, sweet and tart.

2.-Guacamole powder, from Interanza -stand 6D01-. Water is added to guacamole powder and served.

3.-Brocoli Mole, from Sat Bonnysa -stand 3D01-, is the perfect union of avocado and broccoli, in a guacamole with an authentic flavour, and with the properties of both products. With an intense and authentic flavour that surprises when you try it.

4.- Creamy and natural pumpkin desserts with fruit, from Surinver -stand 7E04-. Delicious combination that offers unique flavours with a smooth and creamy texture.

5.- iSTEM, from Syngenta -stand 9E12-, is the new stemmed cauliflower that is 100% eaten.

The F&V Industry category finalists are:

1.- Dendrofruit 360, from the company Agerpix -stand 5C09C-, is an automatic system for daily calibration of fruit on the tree (stone, pip and others) in real time. It offers real data compared to the growth model for the species and makes future calibre projections, allowing agile corrective decision-making.

2.- Flexygo Q, now -stand 5B08D-, is a tool designed to meet the Quality specifications of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector and make the right decisions to maximize profitability, throughout the supply chain process.

3.- Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ (OKH – S0728), from Sinclair -stand 3F04A-, is a food-safe direct contact home compostable fruit label, compatible for high-speed automated application and manual labeling. A paper-based, plastic-free label with its entire composition independently certified OK compost – HOME’ (OKH – S0728) by TÜV Austria.

4.- Biocartene® Padding Film, from Sipa Natur World / Kacem Logistica -stand 8A02F-, is a 100% organic and biodegradable mulch film certified for soil and replaces conventional plastic covers. The material complies with EN ISO 17556, certified OK Biodegradable Soil by TUV Austria.

5.- Persicop, from Syngenta -stand 9E12-, is a biological nitrogen fixer from microorganisms for vegetables, fruit trees and citrus.

The finalists in the Sustainability Actions and Commitment category are:

1.- Resilbio range: Resilbio Natural and Resilbio, is the materialization of the commitment of M2 Algaenergy -stand 9E14- with soil regeneration. Natural Resilbio: for rooting phases, conditions the soil and improves its structure, favours root development. Resilbio M2: soil conditioner, synergy of microalgae with microbes.

2.- Cream of broccoli, from Agromark -stand 7E01-. On a mission to reduce food waste, this product is made from parts you never see in a supermarket. The stem and leaves are probably not as pretty as the broccoli flower, but mindful consumption is, and to a great extent.

3.- Equi-sun, from Deygest -stand 8B05E-, is a liquid solution based on amino acids of enzymatic hydrolysis of plant origin from parts of rice, soybean and wheat crops in variable proportions. It has preventive action against burns caused by sunstroke derived from excess temperature and solar radiation. Likewise, it has good efficacy as a preventative of splitting or cracking of plant tissues, which are produced by lack of cell elasticity.

4.- Cherry tomato vegan burger La Parcela, from the company Granada la Palma -stand 9D05-. A healthy snack, sustainable and committed to the environment. Control of the entire process, from planting to marketing, and a strong sense of responsibility inspired by the circular economy.


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