France’s winter fruit markets remain stable

Tue 13/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

France’s fruit markets face very different conditions as we move into spring. According to data from the Kantar Worldpanel, the kiwi market is dynamic, with prices higher than last season and above the five-year average. In January, the resumption of activities after the holiday season accelerated demand, which was also driven by promotions in many retail outlets. Stocks are dwindling of large calibre product. The export market slowed down to the Far East as the Chinese New Year holidays approached. Finally, the rate of destocking was consistent with or even higher than the norm for this time of year.

There was little change in the walnut market, which remained calm despite the fall in temperatures at the beginning of the year. Although demand was not high, it was steady and prices were very stable and above the average of the last five campaigns.

The apple market was active, with stable prices for all varieties and for all destinations. On the French market, sales were steady and supply continued to decline, especially for the Gala, Golden Delicious and Canada varieties. As for exports, the pace did not slow, and there was regular demand from Europe. Despite  an unfavourable Dollar/Euro equity, exports overseas remained stable and prices were strong.

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