France promotes French provenance

Wed 13/04/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
French farmers and traders are investing in communication to keep consumers loyal to products of French origin while working to increase exports.

Spending on fruit and vegetables grew 12% in French homes last year, but exports fell by 8.6%. Several dozen companies exhibited at Fruit Attraction, Madrid, looking for new business opportunities abroad.


‘Tasty Granny’ brand for high quality apples 

Cofruid’Oc, a French cooperative based in the Languedoc region in south-eastern France, is developing probably the first brand in France for Granny Smith apples.

“Tasty Granny, the grandmother who can talk to all generations of apple-lovers and trade clients,” is the motto for this brand launched 2 years ago. Reliable quality and sustainable production and supply throughout the season are the Tasty Granny guarantees. “Granny Smith is usually sold as a commodity apple, but Cofruid’Oc is using a different strategy based on measurable quality criteria. The apples are only harvested when the amidon degression is complete, meaning amidon has been fully turned into sugar. Picking the fruit when it reaches the perfect ripeness, not before October, is the secret to obtaining a full flavour experience,” Erwan Jadé, from the Cofruid’OC sales team, states.

“Tasty Granny” is being sold in France, Germany, the UK and also in south-east Asia (1,600 tons this year). The cooperative represents 30 farmers, producing 10,000 tons of Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples (1/3 of all apple production) and is also a specialist in asparagus.

Butet: new products for gas- tronomy today and tomorrow

The family business Butet was begun by Robert Butet in 1912 in Rungis market, Paris, specialising in Parisian mushrooms. Since 1969, other niche products like baby vegetables, asparagus, fine salads, edible flowers, black garlic, finger limes, truffles, etc. have been introduced in Butet’s portfolio, which select its clients amongst haute cuisine chefs and premium supermarkets. Olivier Perichon, representing the 4th generation in the family business, explains Butet’ strategy: “We don’t want to become big; we want to maintain high quality standards.” A unique, diverse portfolio is the key to keeping up standards: “We are always looking out for special new products; it’s in our DNA,” Perichon said.

New collective brand for French fruit and vegetables

Since 2nd November, French consumers can find the new collective brand for fruit and vegetables produced in France on supermarket shelves. All traders may use the new logo on their products, boosting communication about their French origin. According to Interfel, guarantees of origin and traceability are major purchase motivations for fruit and vegetable consumers. Over the next 3 years, French producers will be spending €6 million on promotion, with the motto “Take a piece of fruit to school” (“Un fruit pour la récré”). A similar logo was adopted for French Potatoes, with the collective brand managed by CNIPT (Interprofessional National Potato Committee).

This article appeared on page 36 of issue 142 (March/April 2016) of Eurofresh Distribution magazine. Read that edition online here.


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