Fragaria selected by consumers as Flavour of the Year for third consecutive year

The strawberry from Fruits Ràfols obtained the highest score in a blind tasting carried out in independent laboratories.
Mon 23/01/2023 by Fruits Rafols

The best strawberry in Spain is Fragaria, produced in Huelva. For the third consecutive year, the strawberry from Fruits Ràfols has been awarded the Flavour of the Year seal, chosen by consumers in a blind tasting carried out by independent laboratories. This award is decided by users who rate different parameters such as appearance, smell, flavour and texture.

The Flavour of the Year seal, established in Spain for a decade, analyses different products in different categories. “Getting the Flavour of the Year award for our strawberry Fragaria for the third time in a row is confirmation of the good work and perseverance we do on a day-to-day basis, which is what is really important and very difficult to achieve,” said Eduard Ràfols, manager of Fruits Rafols.

Fragaria has been on the market since 2018 and throughout this time it has captivated the most demanding customers with its unique flavour and textures. “Consumers have to try Fragaria to rediscover the taste of a strawberry with all the colour, flavour and texture of freshly picked fruit. It also offers the most health properties,” said Ráfols.

For Fruits Ràfols, the success formula consists of taking care of the entire process, from the field to the table. “It is the work of the entire team that participates in the day-to-day in the field, caring for and pampering the land, the plants, the strawberries, the harvesting and the transport to the final consumer,” said the manager. More than a hundred workers are involved in this process from Huelva to Mercabarna to achieve a select product with an extraordinary flavour.

IFS Wholesale Plus Certificate

What’s more, the good news keeps on coming for Fruits Ràfols. This year, the firm has once again obtained the IFS Wholesale Plus V2 (Higher Level), a demanding quality certification that only ten companies in the fruit and vegetable sector in Spain have achieved. On this occasion, it has obtained the highest score (97.64%), which places Fruits Ràfols at the top of the ratings.

The evaluation criteria used to obtain this certificate are food safety and quality through the analysis of the processes and the state of the facilities, among other measures. The optimal conditions to preserve the properties and appearance of the products, as well as guarantee food safety, are parameters to be taken into account in the evaluation process.

Fruits Ràfols was founded in 1988 and currently has a workforce of more than 30 workers, some 1,300 clients throughout Europe, more than 230 suppliers and 300 products from some 40 different families. In addition to Fragaria for its berries, the firm also has other brands, such as Mantiana for selected apples, Paso Lagarto for avocados and Helenia for kiwis.

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