Foodiverse, a global group specialised in healthy eating present in 30 countries, hits the market

Tue 15/09/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Foodiverse, a global group specialised in healthy eating present in 30 countries, hits the market

Foodiverse will replace Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC) as the corporate brand, strengthening the group’s international positioning through its healthy revolution.

Foodiverse will retain the essence of all the companies that form part of the group, and projects an image in harmony with its reality as a multinational company present on five continents.

Foodiverse features headquarters in four countries, relies on more than 2,500 employees and closed 2019 with turnover of over 320 million Euro.

Foodiverse has become the new corporate image of Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC), the international group specialised in healthy eating with headquarters in four countries (Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy) and formed by leading companies in the sphere of agricultural production, ready-to-eat salads and vegetables, and child nutrition.

With the new brand, the group strengthens its position in 30 countries where it does business, reinforces its commitment to international expansion, and enhances the internal cohesion of the organisation to continue growing in a solid and profitable manner. In 2019 alone, the company reached 324 million Euro in turnover, a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, Foodiverse pays tribute to the legacy of all the companies that make up the group, which dates back to 1946. According to its CEO, Rafael Boix, “Foodiverse is the future of our group, but it is built on solid roots that remain unchanging: our commitment to food safety and quality, our people, the environment, and innovation”.

Innovation and sustainability, part of Foodiverse’s DNA

Foodiverse is the model in producing fresh and healthy food, and has always been at the forefront in innovation since its beginnings. It was the first company in Europe to enter the ready-to-eat salad business in Europe. Since then, the company has been a pioneer in the development and introduction of new products on the market, the fruit of intense research work on food safety, more efficient and sustainable cultivation methods, and new agricultural varieties.

According to Boix:

“This capacity for innovation has allowed us to be the first in launching new products, formats, and functional and nutritional categories that set the stage on the market, anticipating customer and consumer demands. Over the last 5 years we have launched more than 250 products on the market with 70% effectiveness”.

Foodiverse also reflects a firm commitment to sustainability through optimising processes, using resources efficiently, and reducing its environmental footprint. According to its CEO:

“Our origins and activity are linked to the soil and the natural environment since that’s where our raw materials come from. This special sensitivity leads us to take on a responsible role in the care, preservation, and conservation of the environment, thus ensuring a better future and sustainability over time”.

Commitment to talent and growth

Foodiverse relies on more than 2,500 employees from more than 60 countries. As such, the company is committed to strengthening its internal talent through various training programmes and investing in teaching its teams.

“We are aware of what we are today. What we will become is only possible with each and every individual who has been with us on our journey so far. Investing in our people is one more way of ensuring the future”, claims Rafael Boix.

The new brand will also help to strengthen the corporate growth strategy based on business development and improve positioning in new markets, countries, and customers through innovative and trendy products. In its vision to lead the healthy revolution, since 2014 the group has also added leading companies in its respective markets such as Agromediterránea (Spain), Thurländer Salate (Germany), Josef Müller Gemüse (Switzerland), and Novanatura (Italy).

Commercial brands

The company will continue using its commercial brands (Sun&Vegs, Sun&Vegs Bio, and Byba), as well as its various local brands in each of the countries where it has operations (Verdifresh, Mesturados Canarios, Müller, Thürlander, Novanatura, Agromediterránea, Espace, and Alnut), with Foodiverse as its corporate brand.

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