“Florida” branded orange juice sells better

Thu 20/01/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Glass of Fresh orange juice with orange fruits, isolated on white background, With clipping path

US consumers are more inclined likely to buy orange juice if they believe the fruit comes from Florida, according to a recent study by the University of Florida. The top reasons consumers gave for purchasing orange juice include taste, health benefits and origin of the fruit.

According to the Florida Department of Citrus, while 80% of orange juice respondents to a 2021 survey thought the oranges in their juice came from Florida, only 45% of the orange juice marketed was actually from the state that year. 

Yan Heng, a UF/IFAS assistant research scientist in food and resource economics, said that this presents a challenge to the industry because consumers perceive Florida orange juice as a premium product at a time when supplies are low. Nearly half of the respondents in another survey led by Heng said they’re more willing to buy orange juice if it comes from Florida. It was also found that any image of Florida, or branding that included the word “Florida”, increases consumers’ willingness to purchase the juice.

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