First Mexican mamey exports hit European shelves 

Tue 28/03/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Mexico’s first shipment of mamey has landed in Europe. The first batch of 576kg sent by air to Paris came from Huertas Magaña de Yucatán. The export is thanks to the joint efforts of businesses, producers and government authorities, headed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Mamey ripens quickly during the months of April and May, but is harvested from January to July. It takes 4 years from planting a mamey until it bears fruit. After 15 years, each tree can produce up to half a ton of fruit. Yucatán is the main producer of mamey in Mexico, where it is cultivated on an area of 507 hectares distributed in the municipalities of Akil, Ticul, Tekax and Oxkutzcab, which generate a production of 11,084 tons. Guerrero has the second largest production area, followed by Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Michoacán and Tabasco. 

The mamey belongs to the zapote family, which is why it is also called mamey zapote or colorado zapote; It is distinguished by being an oval-shaped fruit, with a thin skin with a rough texture, its pulp is reddish in colour and the flavour is sweet; It measures from 8 to 20 cm and its seed is called pixtle.


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