FGF Trapani: further markets with better quality

Fri 01/09/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

In 2016, FGF Trapani’s fresh lemon exports accounted for 9-10% of the total exported from Argentina. The investments made in recent years, mainly in farms in the province of Salta, allowed it to increase the amount of its own fruit this season, as well as the yield, and with these the export volumes. Fabricio Trapani pointed out that “this may mean growth of 15% for this year, and the idea is to continue growing along with the sector.” FGF Trapani is the first to begin the campaign, which is expected to be good since there have been no meteorological problems in the region. He also underlined that the markets are very balanced and more volume has been sent to Russia, where it is the main exporter, supplying throughout the campaign, and the Balkan countries. It is also beginning normally with the EU and has great expectations as regards the recent opening up of the US. FGF Trapani received a visit from APHIS and made all the necessary investments, preparing one of its packing plants to be engaged 100% in fruit for the US, since it is one of the five authorised to export to that market. It is also developing markets in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, which little by little are increasing their consumption. Very good quality is needed there, since they are markets that are naturally supplied by the US and South Africa. To do so, the company is optimising its harvesting and packaging processes to improve logistics and give the fruit a greater shelf life. The most significant investment being made is in Peru, where they are working on 3,300 ha of lemons and other crops in order to provide their clients with a diverse range of products.

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