Farmers from Almeria and Granada travel to Germany to protest low prices

Mon 14/01/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Farmers from Almeria and Granada travel to Germany to protest low prices

A group of farmers from the provinces of Almería and Granada calling themselves COLECTIVIDAD DE VOCES DEL CAMPO have decided to go to Germany with a truck loaded with the vegetables produced in their fields to protest current low price conditions they are experiencing. A statement for the group states:

“We want to draw society’s attention to the difficult situation we are experiencing in our work. Most of us have a family business. We are small farmers who produce our vegetables complying with the requirements of the community regulations in terms of phytosanitary waste as well as in labour and safety and hygiene at work. Proof of this is the fact that for years there has not been any health alert originating in our region. But all our effort is not rewarded. On the contrary, every day we perceive lower prices for our products with which we barely cover the production costs. And instead we see how consumers both national and the rest of the European Community pay exorbitant prices for the same products.”

The group demands the right to receive a price for its vegetables that covers their costs and provide a living wage and money to invest in maintaining their production facilities.

A press conference will take place on 10th January at 12:00 in the industrial estate of La Redonda, next to the Agrupaejido warehouse in which more details of this journey to Germany will be announced.

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