Farm Fresh, eco-friendly sweet potatoes

Wed 05/10/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Diana Ramirez, international sales, and Pablo Fitskie, managing director of Farm Fresh

The focus of Farm Fresh is sweet potatoes. The company, based in North Carolina, USA, has been in the business for twelve years. Farm Fresh is an eco-friendly company that runs on solar power and is now developing a rainwater system. The worldwide labour shortage is a concern for Farm Fresh. “Farming sweet potatoes is very labour intensive, but there are workers who have been with us since the beginning and we really appreciate that,” said Diana Ramirez, manager of international sales. Transportation and logistics have also been very challenging over the past year and a half, but thanks to the firm’s well-stocked facility in the Netherlands, it can ensure a stable supply. Farm Fresh sells to markets all over Europe and is now expanding to the Middle East.

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