Fall Creek serves expanding global markets

Thu 02/06/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Fall Creek

For over 40 years, this North American family-owned business has specialised in developing genetic material for blueberries.“Our varieties have improved characteristics in taste, texture, machine-harvestability, long-distance shipping, storage, quality from freezing through thawing and more. We’re also breeding varieties that will expand the types of geographies and climates that can grow blueberries to serve the expanding global markets, from Ukraine to Zimbabwe,” says the sales manager EMEA. The New Fall Creek varieties for mid- and high-chill growing regions are PeachyBlue, ArabellaBlue and LunaBlue, suitable for production in northern Europe, the US and Chile, while the varieties for low- and zero-chill regions are AtlasBlue, BiancaBlue and Olympus, suited to conditions in southern Europe, Morocco and Peru. All of these varieties are developed to have firmer and larger berries, longer shelf life and better taste.

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