Exports of Andalusian avocado and mango rise in value

Tue 03/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
125TROP mangos

In the period from September to December 2017, avocado exports from Andalusia dropped by 2% in volume and increased by 16% in value compared to the same period last season. Exports to the European markets showed ​​similar values to last season, whereas volumes sent to the extra-European market accounted for 6% of the total, down by 34% compared to the
previous campaign.

Andalusia mango exports

Source: Observatorio de precios y mercados

Meanwhile, the region’s mango exports have increased by 17% in volume and 15% in value with respect to the previous season. The growth in value was less than the growth in volume terms as the unit value slipped 2% in the European market this campaign. Overall, the monthly trend of exports to the European market remains little changed from last year, although September saw higher export volumes than last season.


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