Excitement builds before China’s first domestic durian harvest 

Wed 29/03/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

China’s first crop of home-grown durian is drawing near, leading to growing excitement. Orchards on the island of Hainan are expected to produce over 2,000 tons of fruit starting in June. The plants have been growing since 2019 and will produce their first commercial volumes this year.

The goal is to plant 3,333ha in the next five years. To do this, the local industry has employed specialists from South-East Asia to help plant the crop and Chinese specialist have worked to tailor the imported seeds to better suit local conditions. The durian is expected to have a higher sugar level and growth cycle to adapt to market demand, according to the report.

It is likely that the Chinese-grown durian will lead to a reduction in domestic prices, but it remains to be seen whether consumers will enjoy the locally produced fruit as much as imports, as most tropical fruit in China is imported and its taste is difficult to replicate.


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