Eurosemillas celebrates 50 years of innovation and announces increased tango crop

Mon 23/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Eurosemillas celebrates 50 years of innovation and announces increased tango crop

To celebrate 50 years of developing technological innovation in agriculture, Eurosemillas has announced an increased Tango crop and an expansion of its avocado and pistachio production. While the Mediterranean Tango crop in 2018/19 reached 72,000 tons (with Spain the major producing region), the 2019/20 is set to surpass this level, as young trees reach maturity and offer greater yields. This is in stark contrast with the citrus crop as a whole, which is expected to fall, as mandarin production follows a two-year cycle of higher and lower volumes. These lower supplies should generate higher prices, which is welcome news for a sector that suffered a challenging 2018/19 campaign. Despite the difficult conditions, Tango was able to cope thanks to its special traits of being seedless and easy to peel, and offering great productivity and a long calendar

Meanwhile, Eurosemillas continues its innovative collaboration with the University of California, with whom it has developed a Lamb Hass variety of avocado. Compared with conventional Hass, Lamb Hass is bigger, more productive and has a longer season (May to July). In Spain, it is grown along the Malaga and Alicante coastline. Another profitable product in which the group is expanding its production is pistachio. Once again, working with the University of California, Eurosemillas has developed two varieties: Lost Hills and Golden Hills. The attractive characteristic of these varieties is that they guarantee very regular products, with nearly every one of the nuts open and ready to eat.

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