European supremacy in cucumbers

Thu 28/07/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
EU demand for cucumbers reached 1.27 million tons of import, for a total value of €1.1 billion and a 7% increase.

Extra-EU imports represent only 4% of total European imports. Indeed, EU cucumbers have a clear supremacy on their domestic market, and their import volumes have still increased +7% in value and +8% in volume. The biggest European importer is Germany (516,682 tons). It received 41% of European imports in 2015. The UK reached a total import volume of 139,465 tons, followed by the Netherlands (98,145 tons), Belgium (85,774 tons) and France (74,201 tons).

7% higher market value

In 2015, the main suppliers for cucumbers in Europe were all European. Spain (€471.71 million) and the Netherlands (€393.67 million) combined were worth more than half of the total value of cucumber imports in Europe. Belgium (€47.96 million), Germany (€60.60 million) and Greece (€18.8 million) are among the top-5 suppliers in Europe.



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