European Commission aims for 25% organic agriculture by 2030 

Wed 12/05/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
European Commission aims for 25% organic agriculture by 2030 

The European Commission and ASOBIO’s joint Action Plan for the development of organic production lays out the intention of having 25% of Europe’s agricultural area certified as organic agriculture by 2030. According to Diego Canga Fano, Principal Counselor of the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the European Commission, and Joan Picazos, president of ASOBIO, achieving this will depend on three pillars: the existence of a stable legal framework, real financial support for research and investment in promotion.

Canga said:

“Ecological agriculture is one of the ways to reduce the emission of CO2 and has immediate repercussions, so we believe it is essential to make a real commitment to its development.”

But he is aware that there are very different starting points between Member States. “Spain currently has 9.7%”, while countries such as Estonia or Austria “already exceed 20%.”

The Plan has 23 actions and number 8 stands out for its novelty, since for the first time it is going to count on companies and the private sector to motivate ecological development by creating, for example, “organic food checks”.

“Establishing partnerships with companies willing to promote the use of organic products as part of their business policy.”

said Cangas.

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