EU pear crop rebounds

Mon 08/02/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
EU pear crop rebounds

The EU’s 2020/21 (July/June) pear output is expected to be up 13% from last year, when production was at a record low, according to a USDA report. Production in Italy, the largest pear producing country in the EU, partly recovered this season due to favourable growing conditions. Similar good weather conditions, in combination with a slightly higher area harvested, also resulted in increased pear production in the Benelux countries. The taste, colour, and storage quality are good. However, hailstorms and heavy rains during flowering and fruit setting led to lower production volumes in the Iberian Peninsula. Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal together account for more than 80% of EU pear production (although the area harvested in Spain and Italy fell in 2020/21). EU pear consumption in 2020/21 is expected to rebound after the decline in 2019/20 (due to reduced domestic supply). EU pear import and export volumes are expected to remain unchanged in 2020/21.

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