EU orange prices 16% above average

Tue 21/08/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
EU orange

Adverse weather conditions in the US, Brazil  and  the  EU  has led to fresh orange consumption in 2017/18 falling by about 7.5% than the previous year, according to a USDA report. Prices are expected to be high. Indeed, EU producing Member States have recorded monthly prices well above average since the beginning of the marketing year.

The average EU orange price in June was €71/100 kg, which is 13% lower than May’s value. The drop is mainly due to different varieties available on the market, but still stands 16% above the five-year average. In most of the major orange producing countries, prices were higher than average. Spain’s oranges cost 18% more than the five-year average, while in Italy and Portugal, orange prices were respectively 23% and 19% higher. Only Greece recorded lower-than-average prices (-9%).

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