EU fruit and vegetable prices fall slightly 

Tue 07/11/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

In contrast with other food products, the average price of fruit and vegetables in the EU fell during the year between August 2016 and August 2017. Vegetable prices fell by 1.3% while fruit prices dropped by 0.3%. Spain (.13.1%) , Cyprus (-11.3%) and Belgium (-7.0%) saw the greatest reductions in average fruit prices, with Slovenia (+7.7%), Poland (+5.4%) and Latvia (+5.2%) seeing the greatest increases in prices over the 12-month period. A similar pattern was recorded with vegetable prices, where Cyprus saw the greatest falls in average prices (-15.7%) and Latvia experiencing the greatest increase (+13.0%).
With the fall in average prices of fruit and vegetables, the sector bucks the overall food sector’s trend. Overall, the price of food products in the EU increased by 1.7%, with oils and fats seeing the greatest price hikes (+10.6%).

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