EU considers proposals to raise minimum cherry size

Mon 09/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

The European Commission’s Working Party on Quality Standards has proposed a minimum size for cherries. The delegation from Belgium considers this minimum size too small (cherries of 17 mm being no more than “a stone with a peel”). The retail sector is asking for more than 28mm for premium cherries, and, in practice, all cherries under 22 mm are not marketable. The delegation from Belgium would like to propose an increase to at least 22 mm as the minimum size for cherries to be classified ‘Extra’. According to current provisions concerning sizing in the Standard for Cherries (FFV-13): “Size is determined by the maximum diameter of the equatorial section. The minimum size shall be: 20 mm in ‘Extra’ Class, and 17 mm in Classes I and II.”

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