Esselunga promises to support customers by cutting prices

Tue 16/11/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

While Italian media is full of news about spiralling prices, retailer Esselunga has committed to cutting prices, a message that has been conveyed in recent days in the country’s main newspapers. The retailer addresses the consumer directly: “As a supermarket we have a responsibility towards you. At a time like this, when the cost of raw materials is having negative effects on prices, we take a stand so that the cost of living does not affect your everyday spending. For this reason we are committed to going against the trend by lowering prices. We invite you to make comparisons for yourselves”.

To meet the needs of families, the company has identified over a thousand of the most commonly purchased products and committed to lowering prices. The initiative, which started yesterday, will affect all parts of the country and all of the company’s online and offline sales channels.


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