Egypt’s orange exports climb 7%

Wed 19/12/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Egypt’s orange exports climb 7%

The 2018/19 Egyptian orange crop is expected to be up 9.6%, according to data published by FAS Cairo. Production area is forecast to be up 5.1%, to 162,00ha. Exports are estimated to increase 7% to 1.65 million tons, thanks in part to the lower prices assured by a devalued Egyptian pound. Egypt is the world’s sixth largest orange producer and may even overtake Spain as the number-one exporter of fresh oranges. The main markets for Egypt’s oranges are Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and China. Egyptian farmers have delayed harvest dates to extend the growing season and allowing time for larger volumes of fruit to develop.

The public and private sectors have collaborated to gain access to new markets for Egyptian oranges, with protocols recently signed with New Zealand, and others under negotiation with Japan and the Philippines. This will no doubt incentivise farmers to increase a production area, which since 2006, has increased by 48%. Valencia and navel are the main export varieties grown in Egypt, while others are produced to meet domestic demand.

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