EFC celebrates 20 years of success

Thu 20/04/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

This year marks EFC’s 20th anniversary, which has achieved several milestones. KANZI® has developed into a regular item in the retail assortment by the variety management company. The club apple KANZI® is offered year-round through EFC’s strong global partner network. In autumn, winter and spring, apples come from European orchards, in summer from overseas partners, allowing consumers to enjoy a high-quality apple all year long.

The apple brand Greenstar® specifically serves companies specializing in fresh-cut fruit and convenience concepts. Due to its high antioxidant and vitamin C levels, Greenstar® apples take a long time to turn brown. In addition, in several countries Greenstar® has gained the place on the shelves as the local green apple.

Additionally, the Migo® pear was introduced as the first centrally managed pear variety. Global pear consumption is declining, but Migo® remains as popular as ever in the selected target markets.


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