EDYPRO’s new biotechnological solution increases fruit size, weight and uniformity

Mon 10/08/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
EDYPRO’s new biotechnological solution increases fruit size, weight and uniformity

Specialist in the study, development and production of biotechnological fertilisers, EDYPRO has developed a new biotechnological solution that directly affects the size, weight and uniformity of the fruits to achieve premium quality fruits. Hortigros provides a balance that is essential for the plant to accumulate large amounts of hydrates in the fruits in the thickening phase.

Phosphorus directly influences the development of the root system and gives the fruits their quality. That the crop has a sufficient level of assimilable phosphorus becomes a key factor in the success of the crop. Meanwhile, potassium can be assimilated and metabolised by the plant in a few hours, which has a direct impact on the specific weight of the fruits and their density.

Hortigros is a set of specific nutrients and a source of phosphorus and potassium for root application that has utility both in citrus and horticultural or fruit crops. The optimal time for its application is when the crop is starting the thickening phase of the fruits, which is when the lack of these two elements is detected in the crops.

Shock effect and continued assimilation

EDYPRO’s technical director and manager, Vicente Puchol, said,

“This novel formulation has two fundamental action: shock effect and continued assimilation, which results in a rapid and continuous assimilation of phosphorus and potassium in crops. Hortigros emerged five years ago when we found in foliar analyses that the levels of potassium and phosphorus that could be achieved with traditional fertilisers did not allow crops to reach the adequate levels to achieve premium crops.”

At this time, the company began its research work that has resulted in Hortigros, “which is a magnificent balance between these two elements,” said Puchol.

Photo: EDYPRO Biotecnología

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