Eden, the world’s first club variety of pear

Mon 27/06/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Eden pears from Greenyard Fresh Italy.

The world’s first pear club variety is called Eden. The project emerged as a joint initiative between Israeli breeder Ben Dor and the Cairo & Doutcher nursery aimed at relaunching the embattled sector, based on a philosophy of organic production, sustainability and distinctiveness. The variety is also suitable for southern European regions, which allows for a larger production area. Also, the variety’s rusticity and earliness mean that it is also suitable for organic cultivation. And its durability means it has a long shelf life in supermarkets, said Ilenio Bastoni, senior manager of Greenyard Fresh Italy, the project’s exclusive marketer in Italy. Over the next few months, over 20 ha of Eden pear will be planted, with the plan to reach over 500 ha, which will consist of mainly organic production.

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