Ecuador can now export its mango to China

Mon 05/12/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
Promising outlook Ecuador’s new mango campaign due to greater volumes, high quality fruit.

Thanks to a short winter and excellent weather during harvest, Ecuador’s new mango campaign is one of optimum quality. And what’s more, experts predict the volume will be up 10% on last year.

In 2015, exports totalled 11.3 million boxes of mango, but Ecuadorian exporters expect to go above the 12 million mark in the 2016 season, which runs from October to January.

Their main market is the US, which takes 90% of Ecuador’s mango exports.

However, a new market has opened which could change how the future unfolds for the sector. In January 2016, a new protocol allowed imports of Ecuadorian mango into China, the full impact of which has yet to be seen.

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