Dutch politician visits Nature’s Pride before EU elections

Thu 23/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

Dutch association, GroentenFruit Huis, organised several working visits to coincide with the  European Parliament elections on Thursday, 23 May. These initiatives included a visit on Thursday 16 May by MEP, Jan Huitema, to Dutch company, Nature’s Pride. During the visit, representatives of the firm and the politician from the VVD party discussed the increasingly rigorous plant health requirements for the international trade in fruit and vegetables, a subject with which Huitema is well versed, given that he helped draw up the Plant Health dossier as rapporteur in the European Parliament.

Huitema believes that as the Netherlands is a relatively minor player in the EU, the country needs to find allies within the region with common interests. Funds from the Horizon 2020 scheme should be made available to invest in innovation in such areas as Blockchain technology, which can protect companies’ private information and contribute to greater transparency within the chain.

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