Drink Organic Juices!

Thu 28/11/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Drink Organic Juices!

A Master Class Event for the promotion of Organic juices took place on the 14th November 2019, at Radisson Blue Hotel in Dubai, through the EU campaign “European Organic Juices”.

This event concerns the promotion of organic fruit juices (cherry, apple and pomegranate juices) to the markets of Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait). Each product is represented by one partner. Organic pomegranate juice is represented by ASOP a producer’s organization. Organic cherry juice is represented by BNHU a non-profit trade organization. And organic apple juice is represented by BIOROMANIA, an association of entities (organization, producers) that are activated in the organic farming sector.

For the specific purpose, travelled in Kuwait representatives of the program operators Mr. Vlad Ciocianou representative of Bioromania and Ms. Mariana Miltenova representative of Bulgarian National Horticultural Union. At the hotel hall gathered company representatives and journalists who had the opportunity to ask questions about the production process of fruits, juices production, preserved and transported.

Event agenda included presentations of the main bodies of the program, b2b meetings, tastings and discussion among the attendees concluded with a lunch for all.

Both actions implemented, through the EU campaign “European Organic Juices” and main purpose is to disseminate quality European agri-food products.

Particular interest was shown by representatives of the UAE trade world for the excellent organic juices from Europe. Both tastes and quality match perfectly with the public, making UAE a new potential market!


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