DP Survey, leaders in inspection systems

The firm’s International Fruit Desk carries out more than 10,000 inspections of fruits and vegetables across the world.
Thu 02/12/2021 by Pierre Escodo - Translation Richard Wilkinson

DP Survey’s Complaints and Inspection Service for Fruits and Vegetables has increased its activities by 40% in the past year alone. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, DP Survey has continued to consolidate its position as a leader in inspection and survey reporting services for the world’s fruit and vegetable sector. Its International Fruit Desk has the capacity to intervene all over the world, thanks to its network of representatives and its own offices on several continents. DP Survey has subsidiaries in China (Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Dalian, Sheku), the US (Florida, Texas, Philadelphia), Africa (Dakkar, Abidjan, San Petro) and Europe.

Max Derosas, agronomist and head of the International Fruit Desk at DP Survey said:

“Our most recent growth is related to exports from Chile and Peru.”

Avocado, blueberries, grapes and cherries are the products that have seen the highest increase in exports and inspections, while Colombia and Peru are the countries that are expected to have the greatest rises in exports in the years ahead.

Fruit Liaison, a multilingual department

Based in Antwerp, Fruit Liaison is the department in charge of Fruit Desk International’s support service. In the last year, the department has expanded from 7 to 11 people in response to the increased demand. Fruit Liaison brings together experts from China, Belgium, France, South Africa, Namibia and Chile, who are fluent in 8 languages. The department’s multiple competencies include claims management, perishable logistics and fruit technology.

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