Don Camillo increases size of seedless Camilla watermelon

Wed 19/08/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Don Camillo increases size of seedless Camilla watermelon

Don Camillo guarantees a 10-month melon season and has increased the size of its seedless watermelons.

“This year, our melon season started in the last week of February with our Honduras production and will continue until the end of November. Our production includes a range of smooth melon varieties for which we have exclusive rights. We’ve had positive consumer feedback. In addition, we will increase from 4 kg to 8 kg the size of Camilla, our seedless watermelon of the Tiger type. This is to meet consumer demand for medium-sized fruits,” said the firm’s president, Ettore Cagna.

In addition to the PGI Melon Mantovano and seedless watermelon Camilla, Don Camillo’s range also includes Navel clementines and oranges from Puglia and the exclusive Lelys melon, which guarantees excellent market performance. Production is also exported to short-distance markets in Europe and the UAE.

Located in Brescello (Reggio Emilia), Agricola Don Camillo is an Italian melon and watermelon specialist. The producers organisation represents a combined 1,000 hectares of cultivated area throughout Italy, with a capacity to market over 50,000 tons of melons, mini watermelons, pumpkins and courgettes every year.

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