Domex Superfresh: 30% more demand and value for organics

Domex introduces new Superfresh Organics™ brand this season, along with a new line of pouch bags.
Tue 06/10/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Domex Superfresh: 30% more demand and value for organics

The firm’s apple and pear demand has grown since COVID-19. Overall, apple shipments were up 24% this summer, just before harvest, and Superfresh Growers expects the level to grow further when the new crop arrives. The monthly growth in demand for organic apples and pears is the strongest Superfresh has seen in recent times. In the month of August, organic apples were up 30% in value and 23% in volume, while organic pears were up 29% in volume. Since Covid-19, the value of organic sales has been climbing. In fact, for three consecutive months, apple sales have been up by more than 19%. In June, they were up 12% in value and 19% in volume, while in July, they were up 28% in value and 27% in volume. During August, organic sales represented an outstanding 15% of the category in value terms. Sales of organic pears rebounded, as expected, with the arrival of the new pear crop: +5% in value and +29% in volume.


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