Doha Horticultural Expo postponed 

Thu 09/09/2021

The Doha Horticultural Expo has been put back to 2023 due to the Covid-19 crisis. First held in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 1960, Horticultural Expo aims to raise the public’s awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, promote the development of the horticultural and landscaping industry, and accelerate global cooperation in professional horticulture.

The most recent horticulture expo, Expo 2019, was held in Beijing with the theme, “Live Green, Live Better”, and showcased a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs from across the world.

The theme for Doha 2023 is “Green Desert, Better Environment”, with the aim to inform and inspire visitors concerning innovative solutions to mitigate desertification.

The expo has four subthemes: Modern Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Awareness and Sustainability.

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