Direct Source International embraces CO₂ Correct initiative

Tue 11/05/2021
Direct Source International embraces CO₂ Correct initiative
Photo: CO₂ Correct

The CO₂ Correct quality mark was launched early this year based on the idea of ​​making sustainability accessible to the fruit and vegetable industry. Organisations that want to improve their sustainable impact are guided by CO₂ Correct to a more sustainable future. The first step is to remove the total carbon impact of a product. From this CO₂ neutral starting point we can continue to implement further sustainability initiatives throughout the entire supply chain.

Menno Janse of the sales department said:

“Sustainability is a theme that occupies a prominent place in the future and strategy of Direct Source. We want everyone to enjoy fresh and healthy fruit. But “healthy” is not only about all the vitamins that the fruit contains, but also about the impact of the product on the quality of life and the environment. We have been working with our growers on sustainability for years. But DSI feels that it is our responsibility to see how we can speed up this process.

“Our pursuit to a more sustainable future has led to a collaboration with CO₂ Correct. We start by compensating the carbon impact of the products that we sell under the CO₂ Correct label. This label shows that the CO₂ impact of the purchased fruit has been compensated. The label makes sustainability accessible and immediately visible to the consumer. A big step towards a more sustainable future that has a real impact.”

CO₂ Correct proud of our first launching partner

“This is an important milestone for our initiative” said Stephan Schneider, founder of CO₂ Correct.

“Since our launch a few months ago a lot of companies have been more than interested in our initiative. But many organizations are cautious. This is partly due to the uncertain times caused by Corona, which means many new initiatives have been put on hold. For this reason, I think it is very special that DSI dares to take this next step and is joining our initiative because they feel that it is in line with their sustainable vision. Together we will pick up new initiatives, collaborate with retail and of course also with new organizations that join the initiative.”

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