Difficult start to season for French summer vegetables

Wed 25/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
france vegetables

France’s summer vegetable markets are currently experiencing difficulties. The unfavourable weather conditions in spring and early summer have impacted production, both in terms of quantity and quality, and are not conducive to the consumption of seasonal produce. The market conditions are sluggish in tomato, courgette and melon, and a little more dynamic in artichoke and cucumber.

While artichoke volumes are weaker than expected, promotions are pushing prices up to record levels. The cucumber market is relatively balanced: the scarce supply is flowing easily. European competition is weak, allowing prices to remain above the five-year average. After a month of cyclical crisis, the tomato market is in balance at the beginning of July. Trade is active thanks to the return of summer weather conditions. The numerous promotion operations put in place by retailers have favoured sales.

The courgette marketing campaign started timidly at the end of April due to poor weather conditions, lack of pollination and the ban on fruit setters. In May, the rise of domestic production and competition from Spanish products led to a market imbalance and a decline in prices. At the end of June, demand was slow and below supply and prices remained at the five-year average level.

From the launch of the campaign, melon sales are have been hampered by weather conditions and the significant presence of Spanish products on the market. Consumption was slow, and the heterogeneous quality of the products did not favour sales. In early July, the return of the good weather boosted consumption and prices recovered.

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