Customer loyalty fast disappearing in Spain

Wed 16/03/2022 by RICHARD WILKINSON

Like in many countries since the pandemic began, Spain has seen a fall in the frequency in purchases and stiffer competition.

César Valencoso, director of Insights and FMCG expert at Kantar, Worldpanel division, said: “The fact that customers visit the shelf less often, specifically once a month less in 2021 compared to 2013, has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the actions carried out by distributors.” 

According to Valencoso, there are now few truly loyal consumers, with Spanish households visiting an average of 2.8 different channels per month. Only 3% of customers are exclusive consumers of a chain, a percentage that rises to 6% for loyal customers, who allocate more than 80% of spending to a single establishment. For this reason, Kantar suggests that, instead of focusing strategies on loyal consumers, distributors should pay special attention to category penetration as the most effective management variable to win purchases and increase market share.

“The more penetrations by category we achieve, the easier it will be to get the next purchase to be made in our stores,” said Valencoso.


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