Covid Food Protocol brand launched

Tue 07/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Covid Food Protocol brand launched © Sanitex

Leading consultancy firm for the agri-food sector, Sanitex Seguridad y Calidad Alimentaria SL, has designed and registered a Covid Food Protocol brand, which certifies the implementation and application of a protocol against Covid-19 in accordance with scientific evidence, regulations and recommendations of health authorities such as WHO or the Ministry of Health.

This certification, focused on the food service channel and the agri-food industry, aims to verify compliance with the Covid-19 prevention and control protocols in companies, and thus be able to offer security guarantees in the production, transport and marketing of food to health authorities, customers or end consumers.

Given the extraordinary situation generated by the health crisis, it is essential to demonstrate to customers that the appropriate measures are taken to reduce the risks of virus transmission, with the aim of restoring their confidence and reactivating the economy.

For this reason, through scheduled audits, Sanitex auditors, with extensive experience and experts in food safety, evaluate the implemented protocol and its application in the company, checking aspects such as cleaning, disinfection or prevention measures in both hospitality and restoration, as well as in the food industry, logistics, schools, supermarkets or small businesses and tourist accommodation, among others.

Ricard Calatayud Calatayud, veterinarian and partner of Sanitex, said: “Our certification differs from the names of ‘Covid Free’ or similar, since they do not certify non-compliant conditions or that could generate a false sense of security.”

One of the main novelties of this certification, compared to other existing ones, is that its implementation includes a follow-up by the auditors to verify that the protocol continues to be complied with after some time of its implementation.

“In addition, these are protocols that are continually under review, based on new recommendations from health authorities, new applicable regulations and results of all the scientific tests that are taking place,” said Calatayud. For this, a communication channel has been established through which clients are updated on the updates that should be made in said protocols after changes in legislation and recommendations.

As experts in food safety and quality, those responsible for the Covid Food Protocol Brand take into account the specific characteristics of the agri-food sector, in such a way that its implementation not only means a greater contribution of safety to customers, workers and suppliers; It also affects an increase in confidence and credibility in the management against the virus and a position against the competition, among others.

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