COVID-19 hits mango sales in US

Tue 28/04/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
COVID-19 hits mango sales in US

The shutdown of foodservice channels across the world is having a devastating effect on the mango market and other products perceived as being luxury fruits. Gary Clevenger, managing member and co-founder of California-based grower-shipper Freska Produce International LLC, told The Packer,

“The mango market started out strong and good; now the market has slowed due to foodservice being non-existent and the COVID-19 uncertainty. Shoppers seems to be sticking to the food staples of potatoes, onions, and veg. We’re aggressively trying to promote ads in hopes of getting fruit to retail.”

Chris Ciruli, partner in Arizona-based Ciruli Bros. LLC, agrees:

“We’re seeing major chains still carrying the bulk of their product items but not their full load. To compound that, you’re seeing the shutdown of the European market, as well as Mexican and Central American suppliers. You’re not seeing boats go to Europe, so more are destined for the US, whether from Costa Rica or Guatemala.”

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