Could Australian producers benefit from China-US trade war?

Wed 02/05/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
manzana australia

Experts are suggesting that the Australia may prove the main beneficiary of the US-China trade war, particularly when it comes to sales of apples and cherries, with China imposing a 15% tariff on both of the fruit. Overall, China’s tariff hikes could affect up to 25% of US agriculture, from which Australia’s wine and nut producers may also stand to gain. In 2017, around 40% of Australia’s fruit exports went to China and Hong Kong, while goods arriving from Chile, New Zealand and South Africa are also very popular. However, as the cherry and apple harvest are still several few months away, the dispute may be over without really affecting US exports to China. If not, the damage to the US fruit industry, especially Washington’s apple and cherry growers, could be devastating, Indeed, last year, China became the top importer of cherries from the state.

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