Coopaman launches tubs of peeled black garlic

Tue 25/10/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Coopaman has launched a new format of peeled black garlic marketed under the Pedroñete brand.

Coopaman’s efforts to constantly meet consumer demands and needs have prompted the launch of an innovative packaging model for black garlic under the Pedroñete brand. The garlic is marketed in 85g tubs of peeled cloves to facilitate consumption and storage.

Black garlic, which is known to possess innumerable benefits, is produced through a 100% natural process in which conventional garlic is subjected to controlled humidity and temperature. Black garlic serves as an antioxidant, is believed to help prevent migraines and protect against some types of cancer, controls cholesterol, promotes digestion and stimulates the defences. Due to its texture and flavour, black garlic is ideal for eating raw, for use as a spread, or for incorporating into everyday recipes to make unique dishes.

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